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Swansea Valley-Brecon


To find the drove road to Brecon from Neath and the Swansea Valley, take the Livestock Market turn on the roundabout just south of Brecon, drive on for two miles till you go over a cattle grid in the road (SN 973274), then park asap.  The paths to the left of the road are numerous but you need to veer off the tarmac after only 200 yards.  Keep going south-westwards and you’ll see a large pond and, in less than a mile, the National Park Visitors’ Centre.  The old road we want is to the right of it – BUT, unfortunately, we were stopped by an impassable bog.  Next time, wellingtons! (#4)

Meanwhile, it was a glorious day, so what does it matter?

As the bog didn't allow us to continue, we paid a visit to the (now demolished) St Illtyd’s church at 972262.  Only the footings and gravestones remain, surrounded by pines.  Not the place to visit late at night, perhaps, but who would want to?  By day it was eerily calm, if that makes sense.  We were touched by the huge area of the graveyard, a quarter-full or less.  God’s little acre in the midst of what’s now a wilderness.  (#5)

Swansea Valley-Brecon image 1
First view of Brecon
Swansea Valley-Brecon image 2
The path
Swansea Valley-Brecon image 3
The Water
Swansea Valley-Brecon image 4
Swansea Valley-Brecon image 5
Guarding the Dead