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Swanbourne (2)

The pretty village of Swanbourne (SP 7927) is on a busy drovers’ route:  to the south-west is the A413 from Buckingham to Aylesbury & London; to the east is the Stewkley Lane to Leighton Buzzard (and Barnet).


I went there to give a talk, got a tremendous welcome and loads of information – look up the Swanbourne History website & you’ll see how keen they are.  The first thing they showed me was the “Games Room” at the old Boot Inn (#1) at Smithfield End1 – bit of a hint there.  It was my first sight of an old barn with a chimney – not all that visible in #1, but it’s there – so the lead drover could sleep without freezing.


And going S-W from Smithfield End towards the 413 is Avey/Avery/Hay Way Lane (see Neptune article for an early map of it).  It starts wide (#2) then gets ridiculous (#3) so herds could pass or rest.   


Meanwhile, at the diagonally opposite end of the village is Nearton End, from where you can walk the Stewkley Lane (#4,5).., 


Swanbourne’s got the lot.  And it’s unspoilt.

1 It’s on the N-W edge of the village, closest to the A413.  Which makes sense.

Swanbourne (2) image 1
"Games Room" at the Boot
Swanbourne (2) image 2
Avey Lane (1)
Swanbourne (2) image 3
Avey Lane (2)
Swanbourne (2) image 4
Stewkley Lane (1)
Swanbourne (2) image 5
Stewkley Lane (2)