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Stretton Sugwas

Pronounced “Suggers” by the locals.

The Roman bugwas marched to Sugwas (SO 465425) down the road from Bishopstone, which is pretty straight all the way to Weston Beggard.  The only kink is at Magna Castra at 440427 with the whacking great farmhouse of the same name at the edge of it (built with stone from the old camp?). 

Most of the Garnons – Bishopstone – Kenchester stretch is suburban ribbon development, but the final mile eastward into SS after the farm is terrific.  I’ll leave you to judge from the pictures.

PS Wear gumboots; a 450-strong dairy herd crosses the path twice a day to be milked at the farm.  Cows aren’t too fussy and the second syllable of Sugwas means frequently flooded, or -washed1

Another thing: an extinct railway used to run along the northern edge so the huge holding field for stock that we imagined on the left is probably only where the track used to be.

Oh, and you can do a round trip via the main road because there’s a pavement all the way to Sugwas Pool.

1Sug- means sparrows liked it.