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Stanway to Moreton-in-Marsh (1)



The Cotswold escarpment at Stanway is due east of Tewkesbury on the B4077 to Stow.  It’s a great little road, but leave it where it bends sharply at SP 068321 and take the old route (#1)1 up the hill and into the trees.  Now you are on the straight track (#2) that Roderick used  – see Recognising the Routes/Account Books


The path becomes tarmac as it emerges from the trees near the remote village of Taddington.  Take a short detour to see the church (#3), which is now a barn, then back on to the (now unmetalled) track where the cyclamen in autumn can be – how can I put this without sounding like an estate agent? – stunning.  (#4, spoilt by overexposure.  Sorry.) 


“Dirty Bridge”, not a bridge but a patch of wet path where the drainage is poor, is an exception: this part of the Cotswolds is dry; so dry that parallel stone walls, about 30 yards apart, were needed to provide sheep from different farms a passage to water.  These neutral ‘passageways’, known locally as tures (#5)2, come from various directions aiming for Hornsleasow Farm (123323) where there was a dip in the ground and a large dewpond.  (How mains water has changed things.)


Many of the tures are kept standing by the admirable efforts of Lord Wemyss of Stanway House.  He also provides excellent information boards for the interested wanderer.


I’ve missed out Jackdaw’s Castle, as I’m waiting for more information.  When I’ve got it, we’ll get you to Bourton-on-the-Hill.  Meanwhile, if you want to see the cyclamen, hurry...  (Written Sept. 2015)


1 The path forks almost immediately.  You need the RH fork.

2 “Ture” was also the name given to an alleyway in a market town (like Stow) through which stock was funnelled to be sold on market days.  In Deddington there is a “tcher”, in Buckingham a “Tchewar”, but they’re the same thing.

Stanway to Moreton-in-Marsh (1) image 1
Go straight on here...
Stanway to Moreton-in-Marsh (1) image 2
..and through the trees...
Stanway to Moreton-in-Marsh (1) image 3
..past Taddington...
Stanway to Moreton-in-Marsh (1) image 4
...through the cyclamen...
Stanway to Moreton-in-Marsh (1) image 5
...and past the ture.