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Rhulen to Newchurch

Drovers coming from Beulah to Builth Wells would often choose the route to England that crossed the Wye due east of Builth at Pont Duhonw, where that river meets The Wye (SN 064511). 


Then it was up Aberedw Hill and down to Rhulen (SN 137498), with its quaint little church, with a pitstop at Cregrina if any ciws has fallen off.


From Rhulen the path across the hills to Newchurch is bleak and wild.  The beasts have left a trail, though: green tracks through the bracken where their manure has done its work.

Dwellings are scattered here and there, but the wind, rain and loneliness must have made it a dire place to live - even to drive cattle through.

Rhulen to Newchurch image 1
Shoeing Station at Cregrina
Rhulen to Newchurch image 2
The Road Ahead
Rhulen to Newchurch image 3
Grass through Bracken
Rhulen to Newchurch image 4
Who's been here, I wonder?
Rhulen to Newchurch image 5
Coming Down