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London-Worcester Rd. (2)

The  London-Worcester  Road (2)


The second stretch of green lane is above Little Compton, near Rollright.  The track probably runs through a number of counties: Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, Gloucestershire and Worcestershire all meet at the Four Shires Stone (Fig.1, SP 230 322), just north-west of where the walk ends.


Come off the road from Rollright at 280 308 and walk through the gate ahead where the road veers left to Little Compton (Fig.2).  Here is a classic sign of drovers: the new road goes into the village (which the D’s wanted to avoid because they would end up being blamed for theft if stock got mixed up); the old road goes straight on.


Follow the track through three fields.  At the end of the third stands ‘Neakings’, which was a shoeing station for beasts that had lost theirs (Fig. 3).  Look to the south for a splendid view of Little Compton (Fig.4).


After a few hundred yards is Wheelbarrow Castle, an old drovers’ inn.  The view from the house, this time looking north, almost makes the walk worthwhile by itself (Fig. 5).


Further on there is Salter’s Well, a spring to provide water for the beasts in dry countryside.  (The ‘salters’ preserved meat in barrels of brine.)  Then down to Kitebrook and on to the ruddy A44. 

Journey over.  Only a mile and a half, but it's Cotswold beauty all the way.


London-Worcester Rd. (2) image 1
The Four Shires Stone
London-Worcester Rd. (2) image 2
The Old Road Goes Straight On
London-Worcester Rd. (2) image 3
London-Worcester Rd. (2) image 4
Little Compton from above
London-Worcester Rd. (2) image 5
View from WC