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Knightcote Bottom


The route on this page is a continuation of the Hunscote Lane saltway – but the motorway and other obstacles have got in the way.  #1 is an aerial view of J12 of the M40 (Gaydon) and the squiggly lane going off to the south on the right leads into the saltway, now called Knightcote Bottoms Lane.  Drive too fast and you’ll miss it.



Within a few hundred yards KBL has reverted to its original straight line (#2) and the M40 has ceased to exist.  You’ve gone back 50 years.  Marvellous and in places so wide.



Go straight ahead at the crossroads north of Knightcote then turn left at the next junction to cross Ham Bridge at SP 403552 – a beautiful little structure, but there’s no room for a picture of it here.  As soon as you’re over HB you might be surprised by the WCC notice (#3) leading into an open field…the continuation of the salt route, of course, and proof that we were on the right track.  And it gets better (#4).

(At The Grange we met the historian John Bolton, who confirmed that it was the old saltway and told us about another old road going south across Ham Bridge to Burton Dassett & Chipping Norton.  This self-imposed 'job' never ends...)


Next stop: railway tunnel.  Finding it involves a wiggle into the field on the left, then it’s broad skies (#5) all the way to Hill Farm1 at 421552.  The last 200m looks like a road from 200 years ago.


(After Hill Farm the salt route becomes the farm drive, therefore uninteresting.  The other side of the A423 it starts promisingly enough then vanishes into scrub.  We got hopelessly lost.)


1 We were told that Hill Farm was once a monastery.  No idea if that’s true.

Knightcote Bottom image 1
M40, J12 with KBL on Right
Knightcote Bottom image 2
In Full Stride...
Knightcote Bottom image 3
"Unclassified"? Looks like it.
Knightcote Bottom image 4
More Unclassified..
Knightcote Bottom image 5
To Hill Farm.