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Hundred House to Glascwm



A little gem from Wales.  The stretch from HH (at SO114544) was a drovers’ route that makes the heart sing and the village of G. is the perfect hideaway – for writers, artists, criminals on the run… 



Don’t think verbal explanation is necessary; the pictures do it all, and I could have taken hundreds.  (Well I did, actually.)



(Why “Hundred House”?  The hundred in early medieval times was a technical term to defining either 100 hides, where a hide is the amount of land needed to support one family.  So a hide was bigger in Wales than in, say, Berkshire.  Or, it was the amount of land expected to produce 100 men-at-arms for the feudal lord.  No one knows for sure.  The Hundred House was the courthouse for the hundred, a meeting-place where local justice was administered.)

PS   We heard the most determined cuckoo in Wales in Glascwm.  Stopped counting when he reached 100. 

Hundred House to Glascwm image 1
Drovers' Inn at HH
Hundred House to Glascwm image 2
Up to the top
Hundred House to Glascwm image 3
Giant's Cave
Hundred House to Glascwm image 4
On the way down...
Hundred House to Glascwm image 5 D's inn at G.