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Henfeddau, Pemb.



Henfeddau must now be one of the smallest hamlets in Pembrokeshire, 7 or 8 houses at most, but it had a fair.  Three times a year.  I was told that the farmer’s beasts were separated by “fences” made of tall slabs of slate stuck into the ground at the side of the ‘main street’ (#1).  No slates survive, unfortunately; some valuable scrap seems to be there instead.  


Go north-ish for half a mile from Henfeddau towards Newcastle Emlyn (which was the destination of most of the beasts sold at H.) and you come to a complicated crossroads at SN 254317.  Opposite you is a gate (#2) with a tantalising green lane beyond.  Now is the time to put Wellington boots on, because…well, because the first half of the old drovers’ road ahead of you is wet.  Very wet.  Too wet for most walking boots if there has been a bit of rain.  And there usually has.

But you will be rewarded (#3,4). 


Cross a road at Tycwta Farm, formerly The Red Cow (or opposite The Red Cow1) and thereafter the way is drier – and the grass lush with the manure deposited over the centuries.


Tarmac takes over shortly, so the whole walk is only a mile each way.  But it’s a little gem.

1 Local opinion is that Tycwta was once the inn.

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Henfeddau Fair
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...leads to..
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...more of the same.
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Green & Dry.