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Halfpenny Fields

These must have been two a penny at one time - excuse the disgraceful pun - because the landlord of an inn charged a halfpenny a head for cattle to rest in his stance.  Overnight grass seems to have cost the drover more than tolls.

Most Halfpenny Fields have disappeared under housing, like this one opposite the "Roast Ox" (originally Black Ox) inn in Painscastle*.  I can find only two others mentioned on the web, in Stafford and Birmingham.  Both, presumably, built on, as the one pictured has been...

...unless, of course, my tiny band of readers knows different.  I would be pleased to find more, because they are a sure sign that drovers went that way.

* Near the Welsh border, SN 167463

Halfpenny Fields image 1
The Roast Ox, Painscastle
Halfpenny Fields image 2
Halfpenny Field, 2008