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Caio to Porthyrhyd

Caio (SN 675397) was a busy drovers’ village in the 18th & 19th Centuries, but 1,500 years earlier it had been busier still: the Romans had found gold under a mile away, outside Pumsaint1.  Drovers leaving Caio for Porthyrhyd were on a Roman road.


The route starts on tarmac, but at Aberbowlan (696389), about a mile south-east of Caio, you’ll see a track going off to the left (#1).  This is where the fun begins.  You’ll need waterproof footwear to cross the ford, but the one-mile walk across the hill to Drovers’ Farm is one of the best in Wales. 


First comes the watery section (#2), then a hill where the path is worn down to bedrock (#3) leads you to grassy uplands (#4) before coming down to Drovers’ Farm in Porthyryd, where the Jones family showed us the outbuildings of the old inn where the cattlemen slept (foreground of #5).  No room for a picture of the stance opposite or the open fireplace inside.


After Porthyrhyd the beasts were driven north-east to Cilycwm – see separate article – or south-east to Llandovery.  Then it was up Eppynt, either way.

1 Always referred to as the Dolaucothi Goldmine, after the hill just north of it.  The National Trust owns it now, and allows you to pan for gold.  Don't rush...

Caio to Porthyrhyd image 1
Turn on the left..
Caio to Porthyrhyd image 2
A Bit of Tolkein...
Caio to Porthyrhyd image 3
A bit of bedrock...
Caio to Porthyrhyd image 4
Up on top
Caio to Porthyrhyd image 5
The old Drovers' Arms