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Abergwesyn to Beulah


Tiny Abergwesyn was where three Ceredigion routes converged.  Drovers from Tregaron met those who had come through the mountains from Strata Florida to the north and others from Llandewi Brefi to the south-west.  Doubtless, stories were exchanged – and beasts reshod – at The Grouse.  (#1,2)


Then came the hilly trek eastwards along the Cefn Cardis (Ceredigion Ridge or 'The Monks' Route') to Beulah1.  It’s a great walk.  True, there is forest & bog at the top, but the way up to & down from the plantation shows Wales at her best, (#3,4) and the green lane that leads down to Aberannell Farm has a special magic about it (#5).

From Beulah the herds would be driven towards Builth Wells or Erwood to cross the Wye, passing just north of The Eppynt.


Beulah has an interesting biblical name: it is mentioned in Isaiah and means ‘married’, i.e. married to God, i.e. perfect.  In The Pilgrim’s Progress it’s the land of heavenly joy where the pilgrims wait for their summons to Paradise.  But maps of 150 years ago don’t show it.  Is it a fairly recent inspiration by some local councillor?  Whatever the reason, the landscape around the village is beautiful so the name is justified.  And if you have a pint or two at The Trout with Dave you won’t care about your summons anyway...

Abergwesyn to Beulah image 1
The Grouse, Abergwesyn
Abergwesyn to Beulah image 2
Looking back at Abergwesyn
Abergwesyn to Beulah image 3
Up the Ridge...
Abergwesyn to Beulah image 4
...and down again...
Abergwesyn to Beulah image 5
Through the trees